If your current project isn’t yielding the results you want, we will diagnose the issues that we see and make suggestions on how to create a better brand experience and an easier overall process. If you are working with a brand new idea, we will familiarize ourselves with your vision on a personal level to bring those important details to the screen or paper.

With our cumulative experience, we not only know how to produce a final product, but we also know how to set up a game plan to get you there. We can help you put together a project timeline, set milestones, and outline the process with the best, most effective methods in mind. Organization is key to keeping your project on track.

A complete sitemap will give you a visual representation of your site’s layout, including its homepages and landing pages, subpages, and links in order to provide an idea of how each component is navigated. Once that step is finished, we can create a rough draft of your website that incorporates visual design and content for your evaluation.

If you run into a technical issue, or you need to solve a problem that you are not sure how to tackle, we can help. We offer consultations at an hourly rate or by contract that can guide you through any issue, from how to run your website or networking to how you can make the most of different print mediums.

Your logo is a common starting point for your brand, and for good reason. A logo is the public’s first impression, and it immediately tells people who you are and what you do. 6S Studio designs logos that are dynamic. Your logo will read well on any device, scale, medium, and application to keep the face of your brand consistent.

In today’s digital world, designers treat print as a dead art, but people will need something tangible in their hands eventually. A designer that does not understand how to prepare artwork for a printing press will leave you in a world of trouble. When it comes to printing, we can manage the difficult jobs with polish.

Smartphones, tablets, PC and Apple monitors with 4K display—your website needs to look good and function on them all. Website design is our core specialty, and we take the time to test your website on multiple devices to make sure that your site looks and performs consistently no matter who sees it.

We can help you design an image that communicates your company’s value and message to its target audience in a meaningful way. With any way you choose to advertise, every aspect from color to layout will reflect your company’s personality and goals while maintaining a clean, professional look that your audience can relate to.

Let us make your vision a reality by building an effective, user-friendly website that works across both computer and mobile devices. We strive to make reaching your audience as easy as possible, so if your website is already up and running, we can help you update your site or make those updates for you.

With over 20 years of experience in the printing industry, we can execute any printing project that your company requires. Whether you need sets of brochures, menus, business cards, or posters, we can guide you towards the right printing process and paper types to make sure that your ideas look good on any medium.

Professional presentation is vital when meeting with potential clients and growing your business. Communicating your message with clarity, organization, and visual draw will keep your materials on your client’s desk. When you add 6S Studio to your team, you can expect your marketing materials to be consistent and memorable.

If you are selling a product, you need an E-Commerce site that will make your product accessible to a wider market. We will set up a shop that is practical, intuitive, and undoubtedly professional. But it won’t just be simple for your customers—you will also be able to independently manage your own products in real time.

SEO is an organic process, and there is no magic button to bring your website to the top of Google’s search results. We can, however, work towards optimizing site performance and improving content that search engines will find most relevant. It is a long-term task that requires a dedicated team, and we make that commitment.

Social media marketing is a crucial aspect of a marketing campaign, and we want to help you navigate that world by keeping your image clear across different platforms. From enhancing images to planning full marketing campaigns, our services strengthen brand presence and presentation in the virtual sphere.

Successful and dynamic websites of today must be able to store and manage large amounts of data. Your website needs an expert who is proficient in the complexities of database management to maintain data integrity, manage and organize data, troubleshoot, and provide backup and recovery for your site.

Once your website is active, you need someone who can monitor which campaigns are most effective, where your visitors are coming from, and where your visitors are going after they arrive. We provide analysis of this information to give you a better idea of how to expand your reach and improve your campaigns.